Liberty Environmental

Natural Resources

Natural Resources

We use our comprehensive knowledge of the natural sciences to perform studies that identify and protect wetlands, watercourses and the watersheds that sustain them. We design options for mitigating affected wetlands and perform restorations of damaged stream systems. Liberty Environmental also has the unique ability to identify sensitive habitats of endangered or protected plant and animal species. These services, when taken collectively, provide expert evaluations considered by decision makers in today’s business world as key components of smart development and sustainable land use initiatives.

Wetlands Delineation and Mitigation

Wetlands have long been considered to be unique and delicate ecosystems.  Our team includes degreed wetlands biologists with extensive experience identifying and delineating wetlands and watercourses to determine buffer areas, setbacks and other land use restrictions affecting site development. Where impacts cannot be avoided, we provide solutions for mitigation of wetlands throughout the lifecycle of the project–including the design phase, permitting and construction.

Watershed Management

Private and public entities use our technical expertise in hydrology, hydraulics, species habitats, wetlands evaluations and fluvial geomorphology to complete detailed basin-wide studies and for watershed planning or design efforts. These skills are also used to provide a more complete and straightforward permitting process for projects ranging from simple stream crossing permits to complex, multi-impact joint agency permits that include detailed ecological assessments and compensatory mitigation designs.

Endangered Species and Ecological Assessments

When evaluations of endangered species or sensitive habitats are required in the land development process or for purposes of scientific study, Liberty Environmental brings a unique level of expertise to bear. Our technical specialists include biologists regionally recognized for their expertise in several critical “indicator” species and who deliver a level of guidance and assistance rarely found elsewhere. As such, regulators and land development firms respect Liberty Environmental for the timely, solutions-oriented expertise we provide.

Logistics Park Development Waterways Permitting & Mitigation

The efforts of Liberty and the project engineer resulted in DEP and USACE approval of the one of the most complex aquatic habitat permitting and mitigation projects ever approved in southcentral Pennsylvania.