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Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan: Crucial Requirements for Compliance

James P. Cinelli, P.E., BCEE, will present a webinar on Stormwater Pollution Preventing PlanningĀ for Progressive Business Conferences. Many industrial facilities are required to have a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) under the law, but ensuring it’s an effective plan is essential to avoiding compliance issues. Program highlights include:

Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan: Requirements You Need to Know

  • Developing inspection procedures: What to inspect and when
  • Steps to keep your recordkeeping and documentation compliant
  • Monitoring and Reporting: When, how, and what’s required

Developing an SWPPP for Your Facility: Compliance Best Practices

  • Strategies to ensure your plan keeps up with permit changes
  • Common compliance pitfalls and steps to avoid them
  • Can you integrate your SWPPP with other spill plans?

BMPS: Guidelines for Selection and Implementation

  • Examples of best management practices you can use now
  • Procedures for minimizing stormwater exposure
  • Employee training program: What should it include?

Live Q & A Session


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