Liberty Environmental


Commercial Real Estate Owner, Lancaster, Pennsylvania »

“Very professional team. Excellent job on delivering Act 2 cleanup services.”

Environmental Attorney, Philadelphia, PA »

“Your efforts show tremendous commitment to our client.  Your team is going above and beyond most consultants which is exactly what is needed.”

Environmental Due Diligence Client, Ephrata, Pennsylvania »

“I was impressed with the professionalism of your work and the work of the field staff.”


Construction Foreman, New York, New York »

“You have a good crew; this project operates like a well-oiled machine.”


Environmental Due Diligence Client, Lancaster, Pennsylvania »

“I appreciate the reasoned and rigorous approach your firm takes to resolve issues for your clients.”


Ice Cream Manufacturer, Pennsylvania »

“The team at Liberty Environmental has helped us to understand our regulatory responsibilities and brought us into compliance with a Risk Management Plan.”

Construction Site Manager, Reading, Pennsylvania »

“Liberty Environmental was able to evaluate our job site and test our soil and water for contaminants.”