EDU: Environmental Due Diligence and NYC Clean Up Programs

James Cinelli PE PG - environmental remediation expertNew York, NY: Environmental Cleanup Expert, James P. Cinelli, PE, PG will present a one hour class on Environmental Due Diligence and New York City Cleanup Programs for World Wide Land Transfer.

Attendees will learn the history of environmental laws and regulations as they apply to real estate and environmental due diligence, then explore the main components of a Phase I ESA, common types of Phase II intrusive investigation activities, types of environmental issues, and use of site controls or remediation to address environmental impacts. The program will wrap up with a look at two NYC environmental cleanup programs, including what activities are required and which are voluntary.

When: Wednesday, July 22, 2020 at 10 am

New York Real Estate Agents will receive 1 CE Credit.

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