Environmental Experts Radio

Join Liberty Environmental’s experts as they share on current environmental issues which we hope you will find interesting and relevant to your industry – be it real estate development, construction, manufacturing, law, lending, and many others.

Providing Innovative Solutions to Complex Environmental Problems

"“(The client) was very pleased with Liberty’s work on this. I praised you, pointing out the ways in which you helped on this issue that I, even as an environmental attorney, would not have figured out quite so easily. Thanks again, Jim – a great job!”"

Environmental Attorney

"I was so impressed with the professionalism and field methodology. Despite the weather conditions, the work was performed in a timely and efficient manner, allowing me to move the project forward."

Real Estate Investor, Malvern, PA (Site Investigation Services)

"Thank you for saving a $36 million dollar project."

Developer, Lancaster, PA (Site Remediation Services)

"Liberty’s environmental compliance support makes my job easier and makes me feel more confident."

EHS Manager, Plastics Manufacturer (Regulatory Compliance Services)

"You’ve done such a good job; I want to give you more work!"

Real Estate Manager in Philadelphia, PA (Site Investigation Services)

"Your efforts show tremendous commitment to our client. Your team is going above and beyond most consultants which is exactly what is needed."

Environmental Attorney, Philadelphia, PA (Environmental Compliance Services)

"Very professional team. Excellent job on delivering Act 2 cleanup services."

Commercial Real Estate Owner, Lancaster, PA (Site Remediation Services)

"You have a good crew; this project operates like a well-oiled machine."

Construction Foreman, New York, NY (Site Remediation Services)

"I was impressed with the professionalism of your work and the work of the field staff."

Commercial Real Estate Investor, Ephrata, PA (Environmental Due Diligence Services)

"It’s an absolute pleasure to work with your team. It’s been such an easy experience and I sincerely appreciate all your assistance with the SPCC plan development and updates."

Environmental Services Project Manager, Multiple US Locations (SPCC Plan Services)

"I appreciate the reasoned and rigorous approach your firm takes to resolve issues for your clients."

Commercial Real Estate Lender, Lancaster, PA (Environmental Due Diligence Services)

"Just wanted to give you a big thumbs up for your asbestos and lead inspector. He was great to deal with, down to earth and knew his job. "

Global Environmental Compliance Manager, Philadelphia, PA (Building Assessment Services)

"Thanks again to the entire Liberty staff for all of your help. I do truly appreciate not only the professional relationship we have, but the friendly rapport we have developed. "

EHS Manager, Reading, PA (Environmental Regulatory Compliance Services)

"You are awesome and we really appreciate your help. Numero Uno!"

Commercial Real Estate Lender, New York, NY (Phase I ESA Services)

"I have tried many environment related podcasts before and have not really been able to get into any. But your short-length information-packed episodes are so interesting that I finished all 7 episodes in a day! Thank you so much for starting the series and I hope to listen and learn more from you and your colleagues in the future as well. "

Environmental Engineer, Pittsburgh, PA (Environmental Experts Radio Listener)

"Thanks for providing your assistance and expertise to our borrowing customer last week. Liberty’s ability to quickly address the concerns was appreciated."

Commercial Real Estate Lender, Lancaster, PA (Environmental Inspection)

"We very much appreciate the continued support from your team and have been pleased with the timely, intelligent, thought out, and detailed responses."

Manufacturer, Reading, PA (Air Permitting and Environmental Regulatory Compliance)

"Thank you for your very quick and able assistance. That piece of the transaction wouldn't have closed when it did without the help of your team and it was very much appreciated by us and our client. It was great to have someone local that could figure out what was going on and address it right away."

Lawyer, Reading, PA (Storage Tank Management)

"The service from Liberty has been great and appreciated. Great people!"

Manufacturing Director, York, PA (Environmental Compliance)