As pressures on water quality and availability have increased over the decades, management of this critical resource has become an extremely important element of land development planning and public safety. Proper and responsible stewardship of water resources in today’s regulatory climate calls for an integrated approach that must include expertise in several fields, including hydrogeology, geochemistry and hydraulics–and a strong familiarity with water supply and waterways regulatory programs.

  • Hydrologic & Hydrologic Studies
  • Conceptual Site Plans
  • Stormwater Management
  • Public Water Supply
  • Environmental Assessments (Wetlands, Flood Plain)
  • CAFRA – Coastal Area Facility Review Act
  • Flood Zone Permitting
  • Flood Plain Modeling

Hydrologic and Hydraulic Studies

A skilled and focused understanding of a site’s hydrologic and hydraulic setting is now an essential element of most land planning and design projects. From basic stormwater runoff calculations for general permit registrations, to complex unsteady-flow hydraulic modeling projects, Liberty Environmental provides the technical skills to support nearly any water planning or design project. Our experts include professionals in water resources engineering and urban hydrology, as well as Professional Geologists who perform detailed geologic and hydrogeologic evaluations to determine the suitability of sites for a range of critical site characteristics including karst/carbonate bedrock conditions, water supply suitability, and stormwater infiltration.

Stormwater Management

Liberty Environmental provides a range of services specifically designed to address site evaluation and best management practice (BMP) design requirements to fulfill the extensive set of water quality and stormwater volume control requirements established by Phase II of the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) program. Performed for both industrial and municipal (MS4) clients, these include site-wide feasibility studies, surface and subsurface infiltration testing, BMP selection and design, and stormwater permitting. Our integrated approach relies on broad technical expertise that customers find, particularly in the site evaluation phase, allows for a smoother permitting process with fewer regulatory review comments or design conflicts.

Public Water Supply

Groundwater and surface water contamination, and the increasing demand for safe, plentiful drinking and irrigation water supplies have placed great importance on the need for expert water supply planning. Our experts provide customers with the needed technical and planning skills to responsibly utilize this precious resource. We assist our clients in all aspects of the water supply permitting and design process–from siting and installing new source wells or rehabilitating existing wells, to designing water supply treatment systems. Liberty Environmental also offers related hydrogeological services such as delineating wellhead protection areas, preparing wellhead protection management plans, performing hydrogeologic impact studies, conducting sinkhole evaluations and evaluating stormwater infiltration impacts.

Project Summaries

Detention Basin Retrofits – Baltimore, MD
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Two businesses in the Baltimore area contacted Liberty when they became aware that stormwater management on their properties needed improvements due to changes in Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE)…