Increasing the energy efficiency of buildings is an important way for businesses and property owners to manage costs in the short and long term. Lower energy costs reduce overhead, increase a property’s value, and can ensure compliance with environmental laws. An energy audit includes a comprehensive study of a building’s historical energy use and how it might affordably be minimized.

Liberty Environmental’s experienced engineers will audit any building’s energy use and emissions, recommending affordable strategies for compliance and savings. In addition, we can guide building owners and managers to funding sources for energy efficiency equipment upgrades.

Energy Efficiency Audit

New York City’s Local Law 87 (LL87) requires an ASHRAE Level II energy audit and retro-commissioning of building systems to be performed for buildings over 50,000 square feet once per decade. Liberty Environmental’s team of experts will use a building’s historic energy usage data and technical data on its heating, air conditioning, lighting, windows, and operations to develop an estimate of energy usage. We then recommend numerous energy conservation measures, each of which can deliver a positive return on investment in a short time. In many cases, we can recommend potential financial incentives to cover upfront costs.

We also provide customers with retro-commissioning of existing systems, including inspecting HVAC, lighting, and building envelope to identify deficiencies and optimize operation of building systems. Our services have helped clients realize significant cost savings, improved efficiency, and reduced emission rates. Liberty Environmental will also prepare and submit the appropriate reports to the NYC Dept of Buildings, as required by LL87.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting

New York City’s Local Law 97 requires owners of buildings greater than 25,000 square feet to determine their greenhouse gas emissions intensity and ensure it is within mandatory limits or face significant fines. A building’s greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) intensity is calculated based on its total energy usage in a given year. While the standards don’t take effect until 2024, now is the time to establish baseline energy use. Having a GHG emissions assessment now will allow our team to provide more effective, less costly compliance strategies that begin saving you money immediately, as well as ensure that your building will comply with the law in the future.

Liberty Environmental can provide everything needed for LL97 compliance. Our team will use your annual energy usage to compute your greenhouse gas emissions and determine your compliance status. We can recommend sources of funding for energy efficiency building upgrades and provide you with the best cost-saving strategies for reducing emissions.

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