Environmental Compliance Podcasts for Manufacturers

Environmental Experts Radio Podcast

Air quality experts Jon Wickstrom (left rear) and Mike Zeiders (left front) record an Environmental Experts Radio podcast with host Dave Coyne.

Our team taped two new episodes for the Environmental Experts Radio podcast series for EHS Managers and others responsible for environmental compliance for manufacturing organizations.

Audit Yourself First! An Insider’s Guide to Environmental Compliance Reviews

The best way to stay on top of environmental regulations and avoid costly compliance issues is to perform an audit. How do you go about it and how frequently? Who should be performing the audits and how do you know if they are doing a good job? Guests Julie Galbraith and Tawnya McCain answer these questions and more.

Breathing Easier: A Consultant’s Perspective on Air Emissions and Regulations

Jon Wickstrom and Mike Zeiders work with manufacturers across the US assisting them with the air permitting required during new facility construction, plant expansions, and/or equipment and technology upgrades along with managing their ongoing air regulation compliance obligations. In this episode these air quality experts discuss how they assist clients in determining which regulations affect their operations as well as common permitting challenges and how to address them.

We’d love to hear your thoughts and welcome your ideas for future topics and guests on Environmental Experts Radio