Pennsylvania College Campus Benefits from Air Permit Review

university air quality expertsLehigh County, PA: Liberty Environmental’s air quality experts successfully exempted a college campus from the need for a State-Only Operating Permit (SOOP), thus saving the facility thousands of dollars annually under the new Pennsylvania air permitting fees implemented on 1/16/2021.

During preparation for a routine SOOP renewal, air quality specialists determined that the facility’s emissions were likely below the SOOP permitting thresholds. The team confirmed this assessment with a facility-wide inventory of actual and potential emissions.  A Request for Determination (RFD) application was prepared to detail these findings for PADEP review and it requested that the facility be exempted from the need for a SOOP.  Based on the information provided in the RFD, PADEP approved the exemption and the facility no longer requires a permit. A terrific outcome for this higher education institution.

Liberty Environmental has assisted multiple Pennsylvania clients with the evaluation of their air permit needs and changes to their operating permits, from major source Title V permits to minor source permits. We have also helped other clients avoid the need for operating permits by preparing RFD applications that demonstrate emissions are below the permit trigger levels. With the new fee structure in place for Pennsylvania air permitting, now is the time to review your permit, check your air emissions inventories, and determine your options. If you are not in Pennsylvania, you should still know your permit and evaluate your situation. At any given time our air quality experts are working in more than 20 states. If we can be a resource to you, please call our team at 800.305.6019 ext. 2008.