Combe South Landfill, Chester New Jersey

Liberty provided geotechnical design services for the construction of six (6) gabion basket support walls along an access road in support of a new leachate location system.  The access road dropped off quickly into a wetland area with varying soil and site conditions.  The purpose of the walls and subsequent backfill was to support an active 80,000-pound rock drill installing a well over 300 feet deep.

Prior to construction Liberty was responsible for the following:

  • Coordinate with the project manager, the driller and the offsite lab to ensure that all aspects of the field work are conducted to obtain the information needed.
  • Liberty was onsite for all soil investigations and took all samples.
  • Liberty provided a design package and associated documentation for approval by the client and the Army Corp of Engineers.

During construction Liberty was responsible for the following:

  • Do inspections of each wall as they were being constructed and take confirmation measurements.
  • Coordinate with the project manager to obtain all site data for review.

Following the construction of the walls Liberty provided the as-built drawings for final review.